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Cite Your Sources

College students know how important it is to credit their sources and avoid plagiarism. Use this guide to gain confidence in your understanding of APA and MLA formatting.


If any of your course assignments require the use of sources, it is also expected that you credit them properly. This is accomplished by following a formatting style such as APA or MLA. Both require the use of in-text citations (noting within the body of the paper when a source was used) and a final reference page listing all of the sources that were reviewed in the creation of your paper. No one is expected to memorize a formatting style. There are plenty of resources that will assist you in understanding how to apply the style to your paper. This guide is intended to direct you to the most helpful resources.   

If you have any difficulties during the research or citation process, please reach out to one of the Academic Support Services: Beacon College Library, Center for Student Success, or the Robert & Jane Weiner Writing Center. Any staff member in these areas will be happy to assist you with your unique, individual needs.

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